Omni OS1025
OMNI OS1025 Cartridge

OS1025 STEM Omni Reaction Station

Our OS1025 STEM Omni Reaction Station enables you to run up to 10 reactions simultaneously at the same controlled temperature and stirring rate and a working volume of 1 to 25 ml. The modular design of the OS1025 Omni Reaction Station means that the same base unit (OMCA) can accommodate a variety of cartridges and sample volumes from 1 to 1000ml. This base unit can accommodate the Digi-Mantle heating cartridges making OMCA a space saving, cost effective option for all labs. All heating blocks, glassware and reflux heads are also interchangeable. In addition, its compact footprint means that it can be placed into any fume hood or onto a small bench space.

The OS1025 Omni Reaction Station has recently been upgraded to offer greater flexibility and productivity for benchtop chemistry, whilst retaining its rugged controller design.

The upgraded OS1025 Omni Reaction Station now offers:
• Interchangeable modular design
• Greater stirring stability and stir speeds of 100 - 800 rpm
• Simple menus and touchpad interface to control the system performance
• All heater cartridges are equipped with "in block heaters" that allow temperatures up to 220°C.
• High level of stability (± 1.5°C) across the heater cartridge itself
• An external temperature probe to increase temperature accuracy to 0.5°C
• An outer casing to retain the "cool to touch" safety feature that so many of our customers value
• Selected cartridges can also be used in conjunction with a cooling plug to extend the temperature range from - 30°C to 220°C

Technical Specification

Model OS1025 OS1025X1
Number of positions 10 10
Well diameter 24.5 or 25.5mm 24.5 or 25.5mm
Working volume 1 - 25 ml 1 - 25 ml
Controlled block temperature range Ambient to 220°C Ambient to 220°C
Temperature range using cooling plug and chiller - 30°C to 220°C - 30°C to 220°C
Stir speed range 100 - 800 rpm 100 - 800 rpm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 235 x 330 x 300mm 235 x 330 x 300mm
Shipping weight (kit) 10kg 10kg
Electrical requirements 230V, 50 - 60Hz, 500W 115V, 50 - 60Hz, 500W

Ordering Information

Part Code Model
OS1025* Series 1025 kit for 10 position Omni Reaction Station (working volume of 1 - 25ml)
OMCA Omni Base Controller
ATS10114 Cooling plug for OS1025

*Add X1 suffix for 115V model

OS1025 kit contents

Kit Contents OS1025 kit OS1025X1 kit
Omni Controller (OMCA) + +
Omni heating cartridge (OSD1025) 10 x 25mm bores 10 x 25mm bores
Omni reaction Vessels (glassware) 10 x 25ml 10 x 25ml
Inerting caps + +
Stirrer bars + +
Omni reflux head + +
External Temperature Probe + +

Accessories Ordering information

Part Number Description
ATS10055 Small volume test tubes 24 - 16mm taper (3ml) x10
ATS10056 Reducing sleeves for ATS10055 x10
ATS10209 Small volume test tubes 24 - 11mm taper (1ml) x10
ATS10101 Reducing sleeves for ATS10209 x10
AZS4206 Stirrer bars 10 x 6mm, pack of 10
AZS4235 Stirrer bars 12 x 4.5mm, pack of 10
ATS10115 10 Position Reflux/Inerting Head
ATS10170 Dropping Funnel (50ml) x 1
ATS10075 24x150mm SVL Thread Test Tubes x10
ATS10377 Inerting Caps SVL Thread x10
ATS10114 OS1025 Cooling Plug
ATS10063 Temperature Probe 5 pin PT100

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