Cole-Parmer Electromantles from Electrothermal - ready to use straight out of the box!

#Didyouknow that unlike other manufacturers, Electrothermal, the world's leading manufacturer of heating mantles, provides a free "burn-off" process for all new Electromantles prior to shipping. This allows lab scientists to use their Electrothermal mantles straight out of the box for safe and reliable heating of chemicals and liquids in vessels of various shapes and sizes.

Electrothermal pioneered the UK's original laboratory heating mantle in 1943 as a dependable and efficient heating alternative to gas burners, oil baths or electric glow coils. Today, Electrothermal's mantles are hand-sewn and assembled at Cole-Parmer Ltd. Each mantle also undergoes the required "burn-off" process on-site, so that customers no longer need to carry out this task, which typically results in release of an unpleasant gas and sticky brown residue.

Electrothermal mantles are designed to be shock-proof, and cool to touch - even when heating at temperatures up to 450°C, chemically resistant and highly durable.

"Our Electromantles are used in a wide variety of labs around the world, because they are engineered for a variety of applications and are proven to last for many years," said Antony Wozniak, Category Manager, Cole-Parmer. "We've been producing Electromantles for 75 years, and we take our customer feedback seriously. Our quality and safety record speaks for itself. In a digital age of instant gratification, it is great that we are able to offer our customers with a fantastic solution straight out of the box."